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Training and Technology Centre Schwerin

We offer education and training.

In Brief

Our centre Schwerin is a part of the Schwerin Crafts Centre. It serves the entire economy as a training partner with comprehensive offers in the commercial, legal and technical fields. We develop training programmes and concepts to individual requirements and can organize them within companies or on site.

In cooperation with the University of Wismar and the Technical College for SMEs in Schwerin, we offer dual and threefold study courses and a special bachelor studies course for craftsmen. We have DIN EN ISO 9001 certifi cation and an AZAV permit. We are registered as a competence centre for fastening and stainless steel processes and we have special workshops for innovative building services and accessible living.

The training and technology centre Schwerin has a canteen, open all day. We can provide directly adjoining accommodation for trainees and overnight rooms for visiting customers.


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Facts and figures

Total area: 46,500 m²

Workshop areas: 4,500 m²

Workshop capacity: 408

Theory capacity: 420

Computer capacity: 40

Parking bays: 150

The training and technology centre Schwerin has four technical departments:

Craftsman training for tradespeople

In our facility you can qualify in multidisciplinary craftsman training Part III (business administration and law) and IV (vocational and occupational education) in full time or part time courses. We offer the following theoretical and practical craftsman training in full time or parttime courses:

• Electrical engineering
• HVAC installation engineer
• Vehicle mechanician
• Metal construction
• Heating and warm air engineering
• Painting and spraying
• Joinery
• Hairdressing


• Entrepreneurial courses
• Industrial engineering studies for Bachelor of Science
• Accredited further training with Chamber of Commerce examination
• Accredited further training with Chamber of Industry examination
• Commercial/legal short


• Accredited further training with Chamber of Industry examination
• Multidisciplinary and specifi c technical training courses targeting the offered craftsman fields
• CNC training courses for metal and woodworking
• IT seminars
• Welding courses
• Initial and further training courses in the innovative building and accessibility fi elds

Initial professional training

• Vocational orientation for school classes and pupils
• Company training guidance (ÜLU) for trades concerns
• Integrated group training for Chamber of Commerce concerns
• Preparatory courses for journeyman examinations (various trades)
• Threefold studies (vocational training with craftsman and bachelor qualification)

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Craftsman training in the trades sector

The craftsman certificate is the top qualification in all crafts and trades.

It consists of four parts:

• Subject practical Part (I)
• Subject theoretical Part (II)
• Business administration and law Part (III)
• Vocational training Part (IV)

We offer integrated craftsman preparation in parts III and IV for all handicraft trades in full time or part time courses.

These parts are also offered in cooperation with local partners in Wismar and Güstrow.

The theoretical and practical craftsman preparation for the following vocations takes place exclusively in the Schwerin facility:

• Electrical engineering
• HVAC installation engineer
• Vehicle mechanician
• Metal construction
• Heating and warm air engineering
• Painting and spraying
• Joinery
• Hairdressing

Our recommendation: There is a student allowance on application for craftsman training.

The State subsidizes the training up to 30.5%. The remaining sum is available as a repayable loan with favorable conditions from the KfW Bank.

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Business and management studies

Accredited further training (with HWK or IHK examination)

Advanced further training enhances practical vocational competence and paves the way to promotion. Many employees use the opportunity to advance their qualifications and improve their chances in their professional life.

In our training and technology centre in Schwerin we offer courses with an examination at the Chamber of Industry and also further training combined with an IHK examination.

All training courses on offer are modeled on nationwide uniformity and the qualifications are recognized nationally.

• Business graduate with Crafts Board qualifi cation (HWK)
• Business administrator (HWK)
• Qualifi ed technical business administrator (IHK)
• Qualifi ed business administrator (IHK)
• Qualifi ed business economist(IHK)
• Qualifi ed accountant (IHK)
• Crash courses ”Training for the instructor (IHK)

All training courses qualify for allowances on application, including the student allowance.

Bachelor studies for industrial engineering

In cooperation with the Technical College for SMEs in Schwerin we offer courses for craftsmen in vehicle engineering, electrical or sanitary engineering, HVAC and B.Sc. Industrial engineer. These studies target the craftsman certifi cate and are a qualification for management duties in research and development.

Business and management studies

Basic courses for entrepreneurs

We regularly offer basic courses for entrepreneurs in all industrial sectors; these offer a sound introduction to the topic of self employment. The basic courses have a duration of 48 teaching hours. The courses are full time (Monday to Saturday 08:00 to 15:00) and include a final certificate.

Our recommendation: The courses can be subsidized with a training voucher from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Fund and the European Social Fund.

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Language courses

We regularly offer English courses for beginners, advanced and English for confi dent negotiation. Courses for beginners are also offered in Güstrow.

Courses required in other languages such as Danish or Swedish can also be organized.

Business administration/law seminars and short courses

The increasing demands on you, management and colleagues, the ever more complex processes and the advances in technology all underline the necessity for you to keep your knowledge and existing expertise current.

In order to keep you up to date we can offer you many topics in seminars for business administration/law and short courses including marketing and communication, questions on business administration, law and taxation and also materials handling. In our intensive seminars we teach business accounting and offer accountancy qualifications.

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Information events for questions on law and taxation

We regularly offer, together with the IHK Schwerin, information events to address questions on law and taxation. The events take place either in the Ludwig-Bölkow House in Schwerin or in the training and technology centre in Werkstraße 600.

We offer on site training too

If you wish to have several colleagues train in the same field, we can organize seminars within your firm. We can prepare an individual offer with pleasure.

CNC Equipment

Computer controlled machine tools are used in the most varied equipment manufacturing processes. This calls for highly trained technical personnel to program, set up and operate this equipment.

Metal processing

For the further training of technical staff in the metals industry we offer three levels of training. In initial, intermediate and operator levels the participants learn setup, manufacturing process applications and programming of controls.

Initial level

• CNC basics
• CNC turning equipment I (programming to DIN 66025, MTS software)
• CNC milling equipment I (programming to DIN 66025, MTS software)
• Examination initial level: theory test, practical test

Intermediate level

• CNC turning equipment II Siemens 840 D; Shop Mill
• CNC milling equipment II TNC 620
• CNC programming technology I (EPL 2; Heidenhain TNC 307 TNC 426pb, DLOG V. 4.0 VG1 Garant 354760
• Examination preparation PAL (apprenticeship training) Operator level
• CNC programming technology II
• Operator level qualifi cation: project work
• Programming and production of work pieces in 5 levels through 5 axis machining

Wood machining

We offer training in the CNC processing centre and teach the basics of CNC work piece processing and the application and use of tools. We can make you an individual offer, tailored to your special requirements.

Programming for wood WOP 6.1 &. 7.0

• Horizontal/vertical boring
• Pocket milling
• Grooves and folds
• Introduction to variable programming
• Contour line programming
• Rough cutting, fi nishing, profi ling
• Components applications
• Sawing and milling work pieces through a free angle

Our innovative house


Accessible bathroom design takes a central place in the “Innovative House” exhibition and training centre. A functional cooperation with industry has been built up here. Certificate courses are run here in the Innovative House in collaboration with the Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks to advertise the “Generation friendly operation” brand. Information on the adaptation of living accommodation and financial aid for building work is available here. A simulated aging suit demonstrates how people of advanced age move, see and hear.

Building technology

The Innovative House displays the newest product and systems solutions from the field of building technology. Many of them are just now finding a place in the market and represent a course of action with a future for businesses in the sector. Complete, clear and functional solutions from building technology are offered to the sanitary, HVAC and electrical sectors. Trade entrepreneurs as well as customers can use this exhibition for consulting and presentations.

Electrical equipment

Applications from the fields of communications, antenna and satellite equipment, network and buss systems, lighting and fire alarms and access equipment are all on show at the Innovative House.

Various photovoltaic plants have been installed outside the house. These include a normal pent roof installation which can be assembled or dismantled for training purposes and und several single and double tracking photovoltaic modules.

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Welding courses

We offer training in:

Gas welding (G):

• General pipe welding
• HVAC equipment
• Boiler fiiting
• Coachwork and equipment assembly

DVS®EWF training course “Gas welding” on DVS® EWF- 1113 guidelines

Manual arc welding (E):

• Steel and bridge construction
• General pipe fitting
• Boiler and power station construction
• Container and equipment assembly

DVS®EWF training course “Manual arc welding” on DVS® EWF- 1113 guidelines

Welding examination for:

• DIN EN 287-1 (Steel materials)
• DIN EN 287-1 (CrNi steel materials) stainless steel
• ISO 9606-2 (Aluminium materials)


Wolfram inert gas welding (WIG):

• Sheet metal work
• General pipe fitting
• Boiler and power station construction
• Container and equipment assembly

DVS®EWF training course “Wolfram inert gas welding” DVS® EWF- 1113 guidelines

Metal shielding gas welding (MAG/MIG):

• Thin sheet metal in coachwork
• Thick wall components & steel construction, sheet building, heavy plant construction

DVS®EWF training course “Metal active gas welding“ on DVS® EWF- 1113 guidelines

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Sector specific and multidisciplinary training courses

The regularly offered multidisciplinary qualifications include:

• Energy supply consultant/in (HWK)

• Skilled electrician for specific duties

• Skilled staff for accessible building and living

• Restorer/m/f (HWK)

• Beautician/m/f

Vehicle engineering standards include training on emission control, airbag equipment, LPG unit and hybrid propulsion unit servicing.

Please contact us for further information on sector specific offers such as the metal, electrical, painting, sanitary, HVAC, woodworking, hairdressing and cosmetic fields. All the facilities we have listed offer up to date further training in step with the latest technological developments and regulations.

Innovations, patents and research transfer

We work in close cooperation with the responsible regional and national ministries, various research facilities and networks. For innovation oriented concerns with research and development experience or ambitions we can offer consulting and arrangements for support programmes.

Rental and events

If you require premises for meetings, conferences, information events or celebrations, you can book function rooms of various sizes and there are adequate parking facilities. Catering and events equipment can be also be arranged on request.

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Kathrin Fügel

Tel. 0385 6435 - 144
Fax 0385 613068